It’s often difficult for students to effectively communicate their research findings.

You need to share your scientific research with your peers, which drives you to write and publish scientific papers – all in all, not an easy process! People make things even harder by writing in isolation. They feel like they are drifting all alone in the universe of scientific writing and publishing.

SARA - You are not alone

Create a community of students

SARA is a scientific community of students, researchers, and experts at ÉTS, helping each other progress in scientific writing and publication. SARA’s community provides you with resources, activities, and the exchange of insights and learned experiences.

Who help each other with the process of scientific communication

To encourage this sense of community, SARA often hosts activities that permit students to work on their scientific writing, discuss scientific research and scientific communication, and meet others in the same situation as themselves, all in a stimulating environment.

And help future researchers shine in the greater scientific community at large

With the breadth of these activities and also with the commitment of our community, SARA is in a position to help these future researchers better communicate their research and findings, thus making their mark in the greater scientific community.

Students are big fans

Is SARA ? We’ll let some student comments (only a few of the numerous positive comments we’ve received) speak for themselves:

“It’s incredible there is a service like SARA! We had nothing like this at my last school”

“J’ai appris énormément en discutant les textes d’autres étudiants, même lorsque l’on ne discutait mes propres textes”

“Je remercie vraiment le temps que vous avez consacré à la révision de mon article, vous pouvez être certain que toutes les corrections et les suggestions faites seront prises en compte. Je profiterai de votre expérience pour rédiger un article d’une meilleur qualité.”

“thank you so much for generous supports. you provided very nice review and comments, thank you for your approach.”

“Permettez moi de remercier le SARA d’offrir la possibilité aux étudiants de bénéficier des ces commentaires constructifs.”