Join the SARA team!

SARA is an ÉTS community that helps hundreds of students each year write, publish and communicate their research. The involvement of more than 50 students and researchers is how   SARA has had such a great impact on the ÉTS community at large. Imagine if SARA was even bigger? We are always looking for motivated students or researchers who want to get involved with SARA. All SARA members gain valuable scientific communication experience and develop their research skills, regardless of their role or type of involvement.

How to get involved?

Become an Ambassador

Help us spread the word about SARA at ÉTS or in your lab. Create a supportive atmosphere among your colleagues when it comes to scientific communication. Become a SARA Ambassador and our team will help you achieve this goal!

Become a Mentor

Help other students in scientific writing using your own experience and expertise. Organize activities at SARA as a mentor to interact with and advise other students while honing your own scientific communication skills.

Become a Reviewer

Review texts for the peer review service which allows you to develop your skills in evaluating (and thus writing) articles, with feedback on your reviews from other SARA members.

Become a Contributor

Develop content for guides or workshops for SARA. We will add the content to our website while giving you the credit.

Why join us?

No matter what type of involvement you choose, there are tons of good reasons to join the SARA team. Here are a few:

  • Develop your skills in scientific writing, publishing and communication in general;
  • Add to your expertise as a researcher and put these skills into practice;
  • Learn to become a good reviewer while conferring with other researchers;
  • Become familiar with the scientific publishing process;
  • Lay the foundations for an international research career;
  • Spread the word about your involvement in a scientific community by having your profile on our website;
  • Have a chance to receive one of three annual SARA grants of $500.


To become a member of the SARA community, please fill out the contact form and mention how you would like to participate. A member of our team will then contact you to identify the involvement that best suits your interests and availability.