Feedback Groups

Scientific writing is often portrayed as a lonely process but it needn’t be. In fact, no one should write in solitude! Feedback from our peers at every stage of writing is extremely important.

We are addressing this need for support with our writing feedback groups. These small groups will meet on a regular basis to discuss each other’s writing under SARA’s guidance. In between meetings, they will use the feedback to revise their work and write more, as well as exchange their writing to be read by others in the group before the next meeting.


  • Get regular feedback on your writing from a diverse group of your peers
  • Make progress on an actual scientific text on which you are working or get started on clarifying your research question.
  • Develop a routine of scientific writing to improve your skills with the help of your peers and the guidance of SARA
  • You won’t feel like you are writing in a bubble!
  • Meet new people who are facing the same challenges
  • Read the scientific writing of other students which will also help you learn how to improve your own writing


Please contact us if you would like to join a Feedback Group and specify whether you are working on a text in English or in French.

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Ethics for reviewing other people’s work with SARA

To participate in a group – you must agree to our Ethics Guidelines