SARA has made its decisions.
Here are the winners of the SARA 2017 Abstract Contest

Nearly 30 high-quality scientific abstracts were submitted this year, making the contest a great success once again. This contest, which has existed since 2014, is supported by the ÉTS library. The grand prize winner of this year’s contest is Prabin Pradhan. Here are all five winners of the contest.

First place ($500)

Prabin Pradhan is a PhD student at ÉTS in the Department of Electrical Engineering

Prabin Pradhan wins first place for his abstract titled “Characterization of cylindrical vector beams in a few-mode fibers for next generation telecommunication and remote sensing applications”. The Jury, composed of 16 professors from ÉTS, noted the clarity of the presentation of the methodology related to photonics research.

Prabin told us that “Initiatives like the SARA Abstract Competition are very important because they give researchers the opportunity to focus on writing quality texts that present their research to a large audience.”

Second place ($250)

Atma Adoungotchodo is a PhD student at ÉTS in health technology engineering

The second place winner in the 2017 SARA Abstract Contest is Atma Adoungochodo for her text titled “Des hydrogels de chitosane injectables avec des meilleures propriétés mécaniques pour la régénération du disque intervertébral”. The presentation of her results particularly impressed the Jury. Atma found that the competition encouraged her to present her research in a format she wasn’t used to, which prompted her to practice her way of explaining her research. She has already participated in SARA support groups and particularly appreciated the feedback she received from other students.

Third place ($150)

Roseline Olory Agomma is a PhD student at ÉTS in Health Technology Engineering

Roseline Olory Agomma wins the third prize for her text “Détection automatique de régions anatomiques du membre inférieur dans les radiographies frontales basée sur un réseau de neurones convolutionnel”. The jury particularly appreciated the clear presentation of her research problem as well as the quality of her writing.

Roseline has participated in several SARA activities that take place directly within her lab at LIO. According to her, this competition represents the chance to practice submitting abstracts for a scientific conference.

Special Mentions ($50)

Due to the remarkable quality of certain texts, SARA also awarded two special prizes of $50:

Mohamed Zemzem is a PhD student at ÉTS in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mohamed Zemzem wins a special mention prize for his excellent text titled “Optimisation des propriétés barrières de matériaux nanocomposites en nitrile chargés avec des nanoargiles “. Mohamed is used to participating in competitions that take place at ÉTS, especially those related to scientific posters. He enjoys having the chance to practice writing and, following the competition, he decided to join the SARA review team. A great recruit!

Special Mentions ($50)

Caroline Lecours is a PhD student in mechanical engineering

Caroline Lecours also wins an honourable mention prize for her text “Analyse biomécanique du risque de traumatisme crânio-cérébral léger lors de la pratique du soccer“. This seasoned writer is already collaborating on several texts for Substance ÉTS. She believes”it’s essential to practice synthesizing your research project, as the SARA competition required, making it accessible to more people”.